LaRiche Family History

LaRiccia Ford 1931 - 1933
(LaRiccia name changed in 1941to LaRiche)

Lou LaRiche Volkswagen 1964 - 1971

LaRiche Toyota 1988 - 2009

LaRiche Toyota 2009 - Present


The LaRiche family was one of the first Ford dealers in the state Ohio. Due to economic hardship, the dealership closed the doors during the Great Depression.
In 1963, a local Findlay man, Lou LaRiche, purchased a plot of land and built a Volkswagen dealership at that location. By early 1964 Mr. LaRiche had his first franchise located at 920 Plaza St. The VW store was up and running and in 1971 an opportunity presented the local businessman with a new venture.
Lou LaRiche sold the Volkswagen franchise and moved his family to Plymouth, MI where he purchased a Chevrolet store. Having sold the VW franchise, he decided to keep the building that occupied the space. Eleven years passed when along came the decision to once again come to Findlay.
In 1982, Mr. LaRiche purchased a Subaru franchise and sold cars in the building that was once occupied by the VW vehicles. Lou's son John moved to Findlay to run the Subaru store located at 920 Plaza. Just three years there after, another business venture was presented to the LaRiche family.
The Harrington family, which ran a Chevrolet store in Findlay, OH, sold the business to the LaRiche family in 1985. With the acquisition, LaRiche Automotive was formed having two Chevrolet dealers and a Subaru franchise. John LaRiche moved over to LaRiche Chevrolet in downtown Findlay while his brother Scott ran the Subaru store across town.
Findlay was a great place to own and operate a business and once again another proposition came about. This time, it was a Toyota franchise from the Rose family in Tiffin, Ohio. So in 1988 with a few truckloads of parts and few cars in inventory, the Toyota franchise was moved in with the Subaru franchise. The youngest son, Bob LaRiche joined the family business as the Business Manager. Over the years, LaRiche Toyota-Subaru has seen tremendous growth. Having just celebrated 30 years with Subaru, Bob is now the General Manager/Owner of the dealership that was originally built in 1964.
With the growth in Toyota sales, Bob saw the need to upscale the dealership that was once occupied by smaller vehicles. In October of 2007, we broke ground for our new state-of-the-art facility.  We have 13 Service bays to better serve you, Starbucks Coffee, Wi-Fi Technology in the all new customer lounge with wide screen TV, a Children's play area located across the customer lounge and the new Reception/Delivery bay.  We are a Toyota President Award winner six out of the last eight years.  This is the highest honor a Toyota dealership can earn. 
Our Dealership has built a reputation on providing courteous, honest service. Stop by and see the excitement.

      A Great Place to Do Business!
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